Augmented Reality Maps & Geographic Data

ARMaps is a easily customizable template for mobile Augmented Reality Mapping applications


ARMaps is a Unity Project template for a mobile augmented reality (AR) application, with mapping functionalities. The goal was to use cloud functionalities or an API, to retrieve publicly available Geo-data. The user can interact with this data in augmented reality, from a mobile device.

Mobile App

Tracking Technical Demo – Showcasing anchoring quality of the augmented objects

To be able to easily demonstrate the various fields of expertise of NTT – the Client Innovation Center of Europe needed a mobile app which helps to demonstrate the real-world benefits of helping the city of Las Vegas to become a truly smart city.

The result was a mobile augmented reality application which demonstrates various functions of the implemented smart city functionalities, in an abstract way. The user can browse a virtual version of Las Vegas and sees an interactive (3D) simulation of the control panel of this smart city system. The user can interact with various warnings and events to get a clear sense of what is possible with the data of a real smart city.

• Scripting (C#)
• Android & iOS support
• Concept Design
• 3D models

Main achievements:
• Multi-platform application
• Using cutting-edge tracking libraries
• Easy to use, low-barrier application


Role Concepting, UX Design, Prototyping, Mobile App Development

Design Adobe XD, Photoshop & Illustrator • Autodesk Maya • V-Ray

Development C# • Unity • ARKit • ARCore • MapBox

Featured in the official video of the opening of the CIC (between 1:03 – 1:13)
Copyright NTT Belgium 2019-2020

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